Polls and Graphs

In order to provide transparent analysis you can view our entire database of polls used in our calculations. The poll database is updated each day with the most current polls from a variety of sources. Our current collection is largely concentrated with Democratic Nomination and Presidential Election polls but there is still a decent collection of Republican Nomination Polls. The projection methodology for poll weight and selection depends on the election.

For the Democratic Nomination there is no vote count provided for Iowa, Nevada, Washington, Maine so the percent of delegates garnered is used in place. Only vote totals provided by either the races secretary of state or the races own Democratic Party are considered. A -1 denotes unpublished official vote data. The National race uses the projected delegate values based on polls for each race, not the projected values based on national polls alone.

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Race: Election: Dem:
PollsterEndDateBiden (D)O'Donnell (R)Other
YouGov, Polimetrix (D) 11/1/2008 583111
SurveyUSA 10/28/2008 66322
West Chester University 10/8/2008 65296
SurveyUSA 9/23/2008 64324
Fairleigh Dickinson 9/21/2008 69265

Electoral College Projection Map
Senate Projection Map